Whatsapp New Update 2019 – WhatsApp is preparing to roll out lot of new features in 2019

Whatsapp Upcoming Updates 2019

WhatsApp is preparing to roll out lot of new features in 2019. WhatsApp is expected to launch new updates in 2019 are given below.

Upcoming whatsapp updates 2019 :

1. Group Call

WhatsApp update rolling out new feautures in WhatsApp group calling feature. Go to whatsapp group then select members from a group directly via a new group calling button.

2. Status Ads

WhatsApp to Introduce new feautures you may see ads in your WhatsApp Status bar.

3. Fingerprint lock

Now Some third party apps to use set password and Fingerprint lock on your whatsapp app. In 2019 whatsapp has planned introduce new update Fingerprint lock features in your whatsapp application.

4. Dark mode

Upcoming New features coming to WhatsApp are dark mode. Dark Mode which will be light on their eyes and won’t hamper their eyes even after expanded utilization under low-lighting conditions.

5. Media preview

WhatsApp Notifications now support GIF media previews. Allows users to download images and GIFs directly from the notification.

6. Ranking of Contacts

WhatsApp Will Soon Roll Out A New Ranking of Contacts features. WhatsApp will now rank your friends in order of alphabets. In 2019 new Ranking feature will automatically arrange your favourite contact list top of the Contact list.