Top 10 Interesting facts about Musically (TikTok) | History of Musically App

Story of musically app | Most fans tik tok users in world & india

Musically secrets – This Articles we are see about Success Story and Facts. Musically is the media app for creating and sharing short videos.

Top 10  Interesting facts about Musically (TikTok)  | History of Musically App

  1.  Musically released in April 2014 But official version was launched in August 2014. Headquarter of  Musically(TikTok)  in Shanghai, China. Founder of Musically are Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang
  2. Musically is started  a Educational apps but this idea is flop. Most of the  teenagers are like music and entertainment. So Finally Musically app Developed to social entertainment app.
  3. Musically inc was small design app and logs are not separate for musically. In April 2015 introduce  new logo in the videos then large amount people shared the music videos in Musically app
  4. Lot of socialmedia apps and entertainment app came with follows and followers But Musically came up with BFFs or “Best Fans Forever”. 
  5. 150 million active daily users in Musically.
  6. Inc sells for $1 billion dollars to Bytedance Technology Co.,. Bytedance is combining two to apps and  tiktop in Aug 2,2018.
  7. First China Company app, TikTok Quickly Became a Global Video-Sharing Platform With 500 Million Active Users
  8.  Most followed accounts on Musically(TikTok) are Lisa and Lena ( User id : @lisaandlena ) 32.2m fans .Most popular tik tok users in india are AASHIKA BHATIA (6.1 MILLION  Fans)
Lisa and Lena ( User id : @lisaandlena )

AASHIKA BHATIA ( user id : @aashikabhatia )
(4.88 MILLION  Fans)

9. reaches 15 million users in India
10. Musically(TikTok) users are predominantly females between the ages of 13-24-years-old. (75 percent Females)