New rules for e-commerce Websites in India

New FDI guidelines for ecommerce websites in india 2019

FlipKart & Amazon Discounts and offers 2019 – Indian government announced new e-commerce rules restricting.Flipkart and Amazon from sourcing in excess of 25 percent of their stock from a single seller – huge numbers of them in which these retailing giants hold stakes.

E-Commerce Companies New Rules 2019 

  1. Online ecommerce website companies should offer service to all sellers without discrimination.
  2. Online ecommerce companies should not only set a price for a particular company product and do not set a high price
  3.  A seller must sell only 25% of its products through online companies
  4. Online companies should not have a position that they only sell a particular product.
  5. Do not force sellers to sell product to our ecommerce website.
  6. Do not discriminate according to customers as a special offer and discount on the name of cashback