Jio Fiber Broadband – 100 GB Free Data

Jio 100Mbps broadband plan

Jio நிறுவனம், Broadband, Landline மற்றும் TV Combo Plan மாதம் 600 ரூபாய்க்கு கொடுக்க உள்ளதாக தகவல் கசிந்துள்ளது. Reliance Jio starts offering 100mpbs.

Jio will offer unlimited voice calls and 600 TV channels alongside the existing 100Mbps broadband service. Jio is expected to price its initial jio Giga Fiber combo package at Rs 600 per month ..

Jio GigaFiber Combo Plan at Rs. 600 a Month to Offer Broadband, Landline, TV Services :

Dependence Jio has been trying its Jio Fiber settled line broadband administrations since September 2016 and offering free information through see intends to choose clients.Jio Fiber is presently in testing in select markets, including Ahmedabad, Chennai, Jamnagar, Mumbai, and New Delhi among others. In these markets, subscribers are provided with free broadband with unlimited Internet access at 100Mbps speed against a security deposit of Rs. 4,500.

On 1 May, the government approved a proposal to permit internet telephony

Reliance Jio Fiber Plans

Plan by default offers 100GB of free data per month  100Mbps Broadband, Unlimited Calls, and Jio TV at Less Than Rs. 1,000

The broadband services are said to be available by the end of the year