How To Resolve Community guidelines on YouTube channel

How to Appeal Or Remove YouTube Community Guidelines Strike 

what is community guidelines in youtube ? 

Community Guidelines strikes are issued when our analysts are advised of an infringement of the Community Guidelines. This incorporates however isn’t constrained to recordings that contain nakedness or sexual substance, savage or realistic substance, unsafe or hazardous substance, scornful substance, dangers, spam, misdirecting metadata, or tricks.

How to Appeal YouTube Community Guidelines Strike 

Step 1 : Sign in to YouTube.
Step 2 : Go To Creator Studio.
Step 3 :  Channel  >  Status and features .
Step 4 : Community Guidelines section, you’ll see your strikes.
Step 5 : Click Appeal this decision.

YouTube community guidelines appeal text | Youtube Appeal Letter

Respected Sir/madam,

                                  I have one Community Guidelines Strike . My youtube video has bo mistakes . lot of person report my video .please remove my Community Guidelines Strike ,

Thank you,

Remove Community guidelines on YouTube channel