How To Give CopyRight Strikes On Youtube Channel

How To Report a Youtube Channel For Copyright

In This Article we are see about how to report a youtube channel for copyright or give copyright credit on youtube.  YouTube has used its Content ID service to automatically scan for copyrighted tracks and remove them.If some part of your video includes content from another creator and that creator did not grant you permission, you can get a strike. 

Notes :Do not make false claims. Misuse of this process may result in the suspension of your account or other legal consequences.

Give CopyRight Strikes On Youtube Channel :

1. Sign in to YouTube.

2. OPen the copy video and click the report option.

3. Select Infringes my rights

4. Then Choose Infringes my copyright.


6. Copyright Infringement Notification will be opened.

7. Select Copyright infringement (Someone copied my creation)

8. Then Copyright infringement – Who is affected?. select “I am”

9. Then Copy and paste the copy video url 

10.Then SElect “My Youtube video was reuploaded by another user.

11. Then Copy and paste the Orginal video url

12. THen Select Entire video or Timestamps.

13. Fill your details

14. Submit Complaint

IF You have any doubt please see given video