Android hidden tricks 2019 – Secret tips and hacks for smartphones

Hidden Android  smartphones Settings – Android hidden features 2019

Android hidden tricks – This Article we are see about Top 5 best android tips and tricks 2019. You can do everything Without Rooting Your Phone.  Below we have listed all the best Android  tricks and  applications of 2019 .

1. Google handwrite search

  • Go to
  • Click Settings in bottom of the page
  • Then Click Search settings. 
  • Go to the Handwrite section & To turn Handwrite on, tap Enable.
  • Then save it
  • Use your finger to start writing your search terms 

2. Google Security Checkup

  • In your mobile, Go to settings
  • click Google or Google accounts
  • Go to ” We Keep your account protucted” 
  • Check your Login details
  • Then adjust your security settings

Check your Gmail Security <<<Click>>>

3. Google contacts

  • Open google contacts or instal google contacts.
  • login with your gmail id
  • click 3 dot’s on top of the page & select all contacts.
  • Then save the contacts to othem gmail id or google drive

App link : <<<Click>>>

4. Wallpaper Changer

This Wallpaper Changer app is use to quickly change your wallpaper with one single click. Just lock and unlock your mobile your wallpaper with be change automatically.
App link : <<<Click>>>

5. Open hidden files in your sd card

  • Go to any web browser.
  • search ” file:///sdcard/
  • THen you will see all hinden files in your Sd card