Don't Install These 29 Most Dangerous Apps On Your Android Mobile Phone From The Play Store

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Google has removed 29 beauty apps from Play Store. Some new apps have been found which steal the photos of users. In case you are still using any of these apps, this is the time to uninstall these apps. Application names are given below.

Don't Install These 29 Most Dangerous Apps :

29 dangerous google play store apps list  2019 :

  1. Pro Camera Beauty
  2. Cartoon Effect
  3. Magic Art Filter Photo Editor
  4. Art Effect
  5. Photo Editor
  6. Wallpapers HD
  7. Fill Art Photo Editor
  8. Art Flip Photo Editing
  9. Art Filter
  10. Cartoon Art Photo
  11. Horizon Beauty Camera
  12. Artistic effect Filter
  13. Art Editor
  14. Beauty Camera
  15. Selfie Camera Pro
  16. Super Camera
  17. Art Effects for Photo
  18. Awesome Cartoon Art
  19. Art Filter Photo
  20. Art Filter Photo Effcts
  21. Art Filter Photo Editor
  22. Prizma Photo Effect
  23. Cartoon Art Photo Filter
  24. Pixture, Art Effect
  25. Photo Art Effect
  26. Cartoon Photo Filter
  27. Cartoon Art Photo 
  28. Emoji Camera
  29. Prizma Photo Effect

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